Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New resume builder features: email address and outline mode

The Resume Builder just got a couple updates:

  1. Email address: you can now include your email address in the "contact" section of your resume. This means that just about all the contact details you could want - address, phone number, email address, and websites - can now be included in your resume. To protect your privacy, your email address is hidden by default, so you'll have to use the new "outline mode" to enable it.
  2. Outline mode: the menu bar now includes a new "outline mode" that can be used to organize your resume. You can now rearrange and show/hide not only entire sections (such as "experience", "summary" and "contact") but also individual subsections (such as a single job, skill, or piece of contact info). As mentioned above, the email address is hidden by default, so if you want to make it visible, go into outline mode, click the plus sign next to the contact section to expand it, and click the "x" next to email address to enable it.
The new outline mode

Try these new features out and let me know what you think!


  1. The quickest resume I ever created....awesome!

  2. great tool -

    A couple of suggestions - social bookmarks for facebook, twitter, that are user definable.

    And if you can pull boxes showing third party integrations - in my case, my behance portfolio and my wordpress blog posts.

  3. @Jason: thanks for the feedback! If you have some time, please toss them into the Resume Builder Idea Scale page so other people can see and vote on them: http://liresume.ideascale.com/

  4. I'm having an issue with making my email visible in the outline mode. The feature works as described. However the menu bar indicates it is "Saving..." and never completes the process. I've tried this on a couple of different computers. Is it perhaps an issue with my account?

    I'll join the crow by saying, thanks for this amazing tool!

  5. It's not working. Can you help me?
    I see the hidden email, go to "outline" mode, and there's no way to make it visible.

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  7. @Mr. and @Franco

    To make your email address visible, you should be able to:

    1. Go to outline mode
    2. Click the (+) to the left of the Contact section
    3. Click the (x) to the right of your email address

    This *should* make the email address visible in your resume. Is something about this not working for you guys?

    1. I searched for hours until I found this post. It's not very intuitive.

  8. Ah ok - it's not very intuitive! - I kept thinking that would delete it. (Until I found this post.) Why not enable with just clicking the (+)?

  9. I'd like to see organizations added to the resumes. Is there a way I can do that?

  10. Thanks for this post. Is there a way I can add make my age visible from outline mode? I was able to make my email visible.

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