Monday, December 20, 2010

Resume Builder in the (digital) news

Since its release on December 10, the Resume Builder has been featured in a number of blogs and articles. Lots of good feedback and lively discussion from all over the world:

Don't worry, we won't let popularity get in our way. New features baking in the oven:
  1. The ability to order and show/hide individual items within a section. You can already reorder and hide entire sections, such as all of "summary" or "experience", but with the next release you'll be able to do the same for a single job in "experience" or a single phone number or address in "contact".
  2. Email address. Complete contact information on a resume is important. The Resume Builder already allows you to include your address, phone number and websites, and soon you'll be able to add email address too!
  3. Embeddable resumes. Want to include your resume in your own website? Soon you'll be able to.
Got some feedback? Let me know on the Resume Builder IdeaScale page.