Friday, December 10, 2010

Features and bugs

The Resume Builder has only been out for a day, but already lots of features have been requested and bugs uncovered. Here are some of the changes to expect soon:

Features in the pipeline
  1. More sections from your profile: certifications, publications, languages, etc.
  2. hCard microformat in the markup
  3. Show months of employment/education in addition to years
  4. Shorter "templates" menu so you don't have to scroll up and down as you change templates
  5. Shorter "sections" overlay so it doesn't bleed off the bottom of the page
  1. If Resume Builder gives you an error page when you try to sign in with LinkedIn, go to your LinkedIn profile and finish filling out your skills/certification/patents/languages section. If you started to fill them out but didn't go all the way, the LinkedIn API fails to return data.
  2. Wrong date/time in "last saved" text when editing a resume
  3. Dates appear in the wrong positions if you haven't entered a job title or degree/major
Let me know your thoughts

Found an urgent bug? Have an idea for a new feature? Use the Resume Builder IdeaScale page to share your ideas and vote on the ideas of others.