Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pro tip: format your resume using Markdown

Do you want to be able to include bullet points, bold text, italicized text, hyperlinks and other formatting in your resume? It's easy: just use Markdown syntax in your LinkedIn profile and it'll show up properly formatted in your resume.

For example, to create a bullet point list, put an asterisk before each item in your profile:

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

When this list is pulled into your Resume, it will show up with proper bullet points:
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
To make text bold, surround it with two asterisks on each side. For italics, surround the text with underscores.

**This text will be bold**
_This text will be italicized_

In your resume, the two lines above become:

This text will be bold
This text will be italicized

The advantage of this is that Markdown is perfectly understandable in plain text (in your LinkedIn profile), but offers some nice formatting when processed (in your resume). There is a lot more you can do with Markdown, so visit the Markdown syntax page to learn more. Or, if you prefer an interactive version, visit the Showdown website and see how Markdown syntax works on the fly. Finally, you can compare my LinkedIn profile to my resume to see an example of Markdown being used for bullet points and hyperlinks.

One note: there are still some bugs with Resume Builder and some Markdown syntax - especially headers - can break the layout/appearance of your resume. If using Markdown suddenly makes your resume look weird, please report the issue on the Resume Builder IdeaScale page.


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  3. How to change the fonts in Linked profile?

  4. I think a bullet point list is better than a number one in a professional resume.

  5. Seems like Markdown is not being respected in the Summary, only in Experience.

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  7. Does this still work? I'm not having any luck getting this to render correctly.

  8. umm yeah...can't get this to work.

  9. Excellent work, please is there any way to have already reported bugs, so that to save time on learning about them first hand....!!

  10. This was working very well for me. My last successful export was 30th July. I just went to make an edit and the basic markdown still renders but the in-line html that used to work is now rendered literally. The forum at ideascale seems to have disappeared.

  11. Idealscale is back. See

  12. I've been working on a service for editing and publishing your markdown resume online if anyone is interested.

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  15. how do you display breaklines? Before I was using
    but with this new markdown stuff, it will not render correctly.

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